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      Stock Code: 832239



      Four intelligent production lines


      Cooperative customers


      Invention patent

      Company Profile

      GuangDong Handsome Industrial Equiment Co., Ltd.Guangdong Hengxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Hengxin intelligent, was founded in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance of customized R & D, factory automation and integrated solutions for intelligent equipment. In April 2015, the company was listed on the "new third board" (stock code 832239).

      Handsome Industrial focuses on the design and production of non-standard automation equipment, the planning and design of the overall solution of automatic production line and intelligent factory. Its main products are: intelligent production line equipment system integration, industrial robot and AGV, RGV integrated application, intelligent logistics equipment system, intelligent environmental protection equipment, intelligent production information management system, etc. It has more than 200 professional technical innovation teams, and has accumulated rich experience in automation equipment development for many years. It has been recognized by provincial / municipal engineering technology research center and municipal enterprise technology center. Hengxin intelligent construction's "intelligent factory equipment integrated application public service platform" is a provincial intelligent manufacturing public technology support platform recognized by Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission With South China University of technology, Guangdong University of technology, Beijing University of technology, Hunan University of technology and other universities to establish a stable school enterprise cooperation, has a strong technical expert consultant team.

      Handsome Industrial leads the future. With the business philosophy of "being honest, being rigorous, integrating resources, symbiosis and win-win", and the design concept of "pursuing simplification of complex problems and specialization of simple problems", the company will take industry 4.0 and "made in China 2025" as opportunities to continue to improve product layout, adjust organizational structure, strengthen innovation ability, and strive to provide valuable services for customers Value products and services.

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