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      Stock Code: 832239


      Brand Interpretation

      Brand name: Handsome Industrial

      Brand characteristics:High quality intelligent equipment brand, production automation, intelligent, efficient, information, convenient concept

      Brand concept:Pay attention to automation, intelligence, emphasis on simple operation; advocate automation, intelligence, unmanned, efficient, information to improve the quality of enterprise working environment

      Product positioning: intelligent production line integrated system, industrial robot and AGV, RGV integrated application, intelligent logistics equipment system, intelligent production information system, intelligent environmental protection equipment

      Business philosophy: honesty, rigor, integration of resources, symbiosis and win-win

      Design concept: pursuing simplification of complex problems and specialization of simple problems

      Production philosophy: advanced production equipment and exquisite professional and technical team ensure that the products are fine workmanship and handicraft like equipment. The products have fully passed ISO9001 international quality system certification / CE certification / FCC certification, and any harmful substances are rejected in the use of materials

      Brand tenet: create high quality brand, create high quality platform

              Build high quality mechanism and recruit excellent talents

              To provide quality products and services for tomorrow to write a better future

      Brand strategy:

      Brand objectives: Become a leading brand to promote the process of China's industry 4.0

      Development direction: robot LED intelligent equipment system product extension


      Talent strategy:

      Talent concept: people-oriented, respect people, trust people, cultivate people, and actively build an entrepreneurial platform for talents

      Management mechanism: building an efficient evaluation and incentive mechanism

                                    Building a high quality professional management team

      Training mechanism: providing professional management training

                           Provide advanced management experience, systematic professional and technical training to build a learning sunrise team

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